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Curtius Technologies Inc. is an Atlanta - based company established in 1988. We offer complete solutions to the envelope industry. Our main activities include worldwide trading, purchasing and selling of used envelope equipment.

    We offer a full range of services, including reconditioning and upgrading of used machinery; on-site equipment installation  (dismantling, rigging and shipping); new plants start-ups and on-site operators training. We offer you envelope machines as is, cleaned and checked or reconditioned.

We strive to maintain the highest commitment to its customers. In addition to the envelope equipment and machinery, we can also provide you with any spare parts (new/used), dies, glues and any supply that you may need for running your envelope business.

 Why Curtius?..

    Jean Curtius born in Liège, Belgium, in 1551, and died in Spain in 1628. He was the 16th century example of a self-made man who created a multinational commercial and industrial empire. He rapidly founded the main iron-works and gunpowder producion of the region of Liège, which was part of the Dutch / Spanish Empire at that time. His efficiency and reliability as a merchant drew the attention of king of Spain, Felipe II, who appointed him his Treasurer and General Commissioner. The iron-works that he later established in Spain became a major arsenal for the Spanish war effort in the 1630’s and 1640’s.


    Before he died, Curtius used part of his fortune to build several public monuments in his hometown which are still standing. He is remembered as the manufacturer and merchant who developed the region’s 17th century industry.

    Some 400 years later, Curtius Trading Inc. strives to honor the tradition of Jean Curtius. His values of integrity, efficiency and reliability as a 17th century international merchant are the foundations of the service Curtius Trading offers to their partners in the 21st century business world.