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Rebuilding and upgrade services
     At Curtius, we think that the only way to be able to guarantee the quality of the machines we sell is to at least test it ourselves in our factory. If you consider buying a new machine, or want to avoid all technical problems, we would recommend purchasing a machine fully rebuilt and upgraded.
     In the case of a fully-rebuilt machine, the machine is stripped down from 50 to 100% depending on the machine condition and type. While being reassembled, most of the wear and tear parts are replaced (rubber rolls, belts, chains, bushing, bearing, etc...)The machine is fully rewired and we put a new electrical box.

     With the attachments and upgrades, we will be able to develop some functions of the machine that were not available when the machine was new and to guarantee you a speed that would have been impossible to reach without these upgrades.

The links below will give you an overview of some of the attachments and upgrades that we can propose you according to the machine you want: