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Curtius Technologies offers a wide range of services to the envelope machine industry

We thrive to bring to our customers the best service in the following fields of the envelope machine industry:


  • Remarketed Envelope Machines

    Curtius purchases and sells envelope machines worldwide. We focus on trading equipment, after having completed an inspection of the proposed machine.

  • Reconditioning of envelope machines

    Curtius offers envelope machines that have undergone mechanical, electrical and electronic overhaul. In some cases the machine has been upgraded with the latest technology.

  • Technical Services

    • Relocation of envelope machines, including dismantling, rigging, installation and adjustment of machines.
    • Training of personnel on-site for a wide range of envelope machines.
    • Design and implementation of on-site maintenance programs for envelope machine production.
  • R & D

    Our R&D Department works constantly to design and apply the newest technologies for all models of envelope machines.

  • Customer service

    Curtius maintains a stock of new and second-hand parts and envelope dies to ensure the efficiency of your envelope production. 

If you have any questions regarding our services, please contact us at
Transportation of envelope machines
An example of the technological improvements Curtius can install on your machine
Engineering solutions being applied to the machines
Curtius provides you with all the supplies you need